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Iron Eagle provides construction and contracting services in both the commercial and government markets. Iron Eagle’s management consists of business leaders in construction, government contracting, defense, finance, operations, and business development.

Management has a compelling strategic plan to capitalize on the large $100 billion market opportunity in infrastructure construction created by annual government spending at the federal, state, and municipal levels throughout the United States.  Through the experience and track records of its management team, along with a strong and diversified balance sheet, Iron Eagle believes it will have a major competitive advantage by being able to provide higher levels of construction surety bonds

Iron Eagle will further target additional growth opportunities through the highly focused bidding of federal, state, and municipal construction projects as well as working as a subcontractor to some of the multi-billion dollar prime contractors in the United States.


Iron Eagle can add significant value to target construction companies:

• Increased Bonding Capabilities
• Government Relations
• Increased Sales
• Preserve Legacy of the Business
• Operational Improvements
• Proven Growth Leadership
• Acquisition Strategy

Recent Press Release "Iron Eagle Group Completes Transfer of NJ and NY Based Electrical Contractor"


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